a delicate motor

by A Delicate Motor

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released June 15, 2013

All sonic parts on this record were performed by Adam Petersen.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered between Eureka's Castle, Quebec Gardens and the Conservatory of Music by Henry Wilson for Cincinnati Recording Service.

Cover photography by Michael Wilson. Graphic arrangement by Adam and Henry.

Love and gratitude for mom and dad, Eureka boys, Marburg Collective, Monday Night crowds, Lyon's Den open mic community, givers and takers, the sleeping sea and the great forgiving.

Spring 2013 in Cincinnati, O.




all rights reserved


A Delicate Motor Cincinnati, Ohio

A Delicate Motor is a sound composition and live performance project by Adam Petersen. Using keyboard instruments, tonal percussion and human voice, ADM composes by way of energetic improvisation, live layering and meditations of the repetition of loops. ... more

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Track Name: enter garden
are you open? are you listening?
is it in you? is it in your feet?
quiet down now, child.
seek below your table.

son of water, daughter borne of light,
nothing turns you, burdened by your might.
what concerns are burning in the animator.

follow your delicately human core,
cultivate your garden.
Track Name: mosaicophilia
o Lydia, what will i find
going out of my mind?
'make or break' is all akin to

[grows up / forgets to]

Amelia, let you unwind,
benefit for your kind.
Say ye ye ye ye,
give it away.

Ophelia, wherin you pine,
notice how one divides.
give it a way.
Track Name: life in a day
i'll live, smile, then die.
give it a little bit more than you might.
might you be living an alternate life
fabricated by nothing, then never you mind.

what do you want more than this?
Track Name: give up [you're holed]
you're against the world
is my impression.
give up your hold,
and at your accord, progression.

so what in hell?
you're making me feel apathy again.
i owe to all my friends
to fall in time.

i wrote this tune to delve into
my latest single bit of truth.
when i related I to you,
I found there's nothing more to do
than be in love and not with you.
I am in love and not with you.
I am in knotted love.

one time I tried to locate my mind.
I'd let fall down.
In it, gold will find avenue,
lightly, and more.

so much for words,
I think you're growing out of me
In keeping your soul alive,
yearning for emptiness.

we're breaking down now,
just open up your head.
Track Name: iokuok
i must go
out my way to find you
let me know when you're ready to die
i'm okay
Track Name: in line for now
i won't be around for long
for you, i will move it all along
if in you keep me in line for now
i had goals unnamed, unnamed

i know when i'm doing wrong
that's why i put my head to song
what it is i am trying to say is
i have goals unnamed, unnamed

[you end the day, and that's what a day has]
Track Name: give your love a way
garden will grow up from land
will live by hand
will give love to man
will fall into (garden)

man of your way
what would your mother say?
carry on, carry on
i'll pray for what may.

end in a day,
give your love a way
fold it into gray.

are you open?
are you wondering of light
and lonely dreams?
ah may.